Rubber Bonded Metal

1. Using a fully bonded rubber bonded to metal design, the rubber compound is bonded to both the inner and outer sleeves. This design virtually eliminates high frequencies while supporting high loads in all directions.
2. We manufacture our bushing mounts in a wide range of metric sizes to suit most applications, we also sell unique bushing sizes and materials.

Loongrubber was founded in 1991, and is specialized in technical development, production and sales for rubber products including silicone hoses, rubber hoses, PU corrugated pipes and molding rubber parts. Loongrubber has rich experiences in formula design and manufacture using material of silicone, EPDM, NBR, SBR, CR, AEM, CSM, ECO, FKM, PU and etc., that providing rubber part assembly service for engineering machinery, agriculture facility, automobile, motorcycle and electronic industry.
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